Proceeds from EACH SALE go to Naked Heart Foundation to support children with special needs.

About Us

We are a team of 4 mom entrepreneurs who are passionate about sustainable business and giving back to the community. 

Our mission is to drive socially-responsible shopping that feels good and gives back. In basic terms, we are promoting:

1. The purchase of pre-owned items (we prefer to call them pre-loved) and previously unsold brand new items. Why is this important? It helps reduce the overall carbon footprint of modern-day consumerism in general and fashion industry in particular.

2. All profits from each item sold go directly to charity at no additional cost to the customers. Why is this important? With every purchase you fulfill your needs as well as help someone else in need, all without spending anything extra or feeling bad about "not doing your part" when it comes to donations. 

3. We will only partner with brands that represent our values: sustainability, cruelty free, environmentally friendly. 

Shop With Purpose dates back to pre-COVID times of February 2020. On one of those magical days Natalia Vodianova was organizing a meet and greet event with some of her followers. Deeply inspired by her brilliant yet humble posture a light had been sparked for our journey, even though we didn’t know it yet. As the events of COVID-19 unfolded it became clear that even though the pandemic is having a global impact across all industries and societies, those who got impacted the most were non-privileged communities, including minorities and people with special needs. And that gave rise to Shop With Purpose, which kicked off as a group initiative with the goal of collecting funds for charity. And we are very thankful to every single person who either donated an item or helped with ideas and implementation. 

Shop With Purpose now is a social enterprise where all profits go directly to Naked Heart Foundation. More information about NHF can be found here.

As a team of moms Shop With Purpose is currently focused on goods and services that are mostly relevant to women, children and parents. The platform features brand new items as well as previously owned items. The idea behind it is to help address the global fashion industry problem and reduce the amount of carbon footprint the fashion industry is currently producing (10% globally). All goods that are unsold within a certain period of time will be donated to the organizations we partner with as well as other charitable organizations, including internationally.